Esmarelda+Rafael – Los Angeles, CA

This amazing couple had such beautiful day at Los Angeles River Center and Gardens, in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Love, Family, Tradition, these were all present at this gorgeous day.

Congrats on almost 1 Year Esmarelda+Rafael!2016-04-06_0028.jpg2016-04-06_0029.jpg2016-04-06_0034.jpg2016-04-06_0019.jpg2016-04-06_0027.jpg2016-04-06_0018.jpg2016-04-06_0020.jpg2016-04-06_0024.jpg2016-04-06_0030.jpg
2016-04-06_0026.jpg2016-04-06_0025.jpg 2016-04-06_00222016-04-06_0021 2016-04-06_0032.jpg 2016-04-06_0023 2016-04-06_0031.jpg 2016-04-06_0035.jpg 2016-04-06_0033.jpg2016-04-06_00372016-04-06_00362016-04-06_00382016-04-06_00392016-04-06_00402016-04-06_00422016-04-06_00452016-04-06_00412016-04-06_00442016-04-06_00432016-04-06_0046

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