Prep + Guide – Your Best Engagement Photos

Your best Prep tips for the most epic Engagement – Pre- Event Portraits Ever! YAY! So you’ve chosen to go with a pre-wedding portrait session [Engagement session] Now what? Crap we have to choose outfits! OMG what will we do with our hair! NO WORRIES!! With this epic guide you’re going to be soooo prepped you won’t even be stressed before the day!



So, should we wear a tux and gown? I mean if that’s your vibe get it! This is definitely what we spend the most time chatting about from our engaged clients!

Ovsies, we want you to feel the best, and look the best you can in your photos and to me[us at H.E.Studios] that means being yourself. SO if your fav LedZep tees + Levi’s jeans are you rock em! One thing you should stay away from, white tee’s matching with jeans, unless that 90’s fam photo on the beach is your vibe.

Lets see your unique you!

A better choice of action is to coordinate. Pick by what compliments each-other. I absolutely recommend you bring AT LEAST 2 extra outfits from what you have booked.

Many couples choose one upscale or dressed up look and one casual or even swimmers if its the season [epic time to play in the water for some photos and be able to look back on and remember how rad your bods were]. I usually capture the casual look first, then move to the formal but if its wet weather that comes second, lol bc water…and such.

A must though, Shoes, Multiple Pairs Of Shoes. You never know if were going to adventure off the trail, into the sand or climb up a hill + you probs dont want to be stuck in your heels, in knee high grass in snake country lol! At least I dont want you to be.


Location 📍 Location📍 Location 📍

Your story, your unique you, so let’s think. Is there a special place you both love to go, a spot where you’re regulars? Do you work somewhere iconic, that you’d love to capture [ Disneyland / Paramount Pictures / Luna Park / Homestead / The Boathouse at Shelly Beach or Central Park / Botanic Gardens ] ? Do you love hike the Blue Mountains, or surf The Wedge / Malibu’s brand Beach / Coogee / Manly Cove or are you simply book people who LOVE to read [maybe a library you love to visit together / in bed session / book store you love] or Do you just love that fire graffiti mural that by your spot? Let’s do it! Yep!

All are amazing + I can’t wait to vibe about your special places, and to capture your unique story + likes.

Dont forget any drive time between places, and sunset timing!


omg. What do we do with our hands?

Janai + Simon La adventure - Griffith Observatory - Rebel with a cause

Take a deep breath. Everyone [yep including me lol] gets nervous in front of the camera, at least for the first few mins. BUT You’re going to have an absolute blast! You know why? Bc we gonna get to know each other, we’re going to laugh, at each other, some cheesy jokes maybe, ourselves definitely. You’re going to be dancing around, whispering secrets in your hunnies ear, grabbing them close and kissing them, and running into the sunset in love! Now doesn’t that sound like the best way to spend a couple of hours? Keeping you moving, twirling and loving your moment.


Now. Dont you feel so much more READY?! More tips to come!


WANT MORE INFO ABOUT HOW TO MAKE YOUR ENGAGEMENT EXPERIENCE ONE OF A KIND – Set up a time to chat, or reach out to our email / dm / pm / tiktok / snap us @heweddings!

Book your session right now!Whoot!

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