Prep Yo Self 2-thousand and 20!


Yay! So you must be ready to prep for your wedding / elopement / family / portrait session! Best to start a month out! Heres a few awesome tips + tricks we’ve picked up from celebrity stylists, fashion weeks in New York, Los Angeles + Europe, wedding day hacks, and the best practises to look and FEEL your most amazing self at your session with our team.

Take. Your…Time

#1 importance level 100%

– breathe –

Get a good nights rest. Periodt. Meditate if you can 10m before bed to get that deep sleep!
This is so important, so you’re fully of energy, no dark circles, feeling your best. That simple. Take your time getting ready, take long shower, take that extra 10, you deserve to enjoy this!

Skin care!

Simple, this life norm, just amp it up a little the month of your session – wash your face twice a day, exfoliate every few days to help your skin regenerate and look shiny and new ( you may need to do this less or more depending on your skin type and which exfoliator).
We love Dermitologica’s daily exfoliator, its micro small and doesn’t irritate your skin.
Use daily sun screen and moisturiser to add that glow!

If youre feeling like you need an extra push of hydration try adding a nightly hyaluronic acid serum – This one from Glow is amaze – ( wet face then apply, never use without a wet vac as it can draw the moisture out of your skin instead! ) or a few nights a week or weekly use a retinol (.5%-1%) – This ones free of all the bad stuff – to help the turn over of skin cells(ie peel) so make sure to exfoliate two/three days after not day of or after. Make sure to always finish up your skin care routine with moisturiser (dime size-quarter don’t over moisturise that can cause flakes).

This isn’t exclusive to your face, LOTION your body ladies + gents! No ashy legs or elbows for these photos!
+ HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE, water your body 🙂 we are made of about 50% water you know!

Amazing quick fix + its simple! In the days leading up to your session, STEAM the heck outta your clothes! Steam steam steam, or iron! + Yay! No wrinkly jeans or shirts, no weird wrinkles or fold marks in your veil or dress, in your photos! Yes, even your t-shirts + jeans, it elevates the whole session. Its worth the extra time, about 5m per piece, for an effortless time. I really can’t stress enough how this small thing, takes so much worry off your day of your session, how quickly your photos are returned, and will allow you to simply relax and have blast, knowing you’re looking at your best.

Here’s a great one we use often for our travels! [120/240V] Used it all over the world and so far no issues! Use bottled water[distilled preferably] to avoid any calcium build up, but you can always run some vinegar through it if thats unavailable.

Happy Steamy days!

Eat well

Fuel yo-self 2,020

In the weeks leading up to your shoot – Engagement / Wedding – EAT WELL!
I mean everyone deserves a burger every once in a while, but this time its worth it!
The better you eat, the more you will radiate and feel your very best
+ isn’t that the point, catching your best moments? ++ This will help fuel your energy for a fun session! You’ll have the energy to enjoy your time together in front of the lend, on your wedding day or playing with your family!

Check these great meal plans out, that work for feeling your photo session

Also here’s some awesome insta pages to check out for recipes!

@ livegreenhealthy
@ healthfood
@ fithealthyrecipes
@ thewouldbechef

Nails, Nails, Nail those hand shots!

Hey, I know, its one more thing right? This is actually a big one, you may think that “aw no-ones going to see that hang nail right?” “its just I clipped them last week though!”…well I’m here ta tell ya friend, you can, absolutely, 100 %, see those things, and YES you should get them done!
Even a basic mani, no nail polish, the week of your session [ ideally 2 days max before] will be WORLDS of difference from cracked cuticles in your photos. Trust me, its worth it.

I highly recommend checking out your local Yelp/Google, for a reputable salon. Ask if they use the punches for their sanitation[no fungal infections thank youuu], and get a gel manicure. If you’re doing colour, or clear, this means there will be no cracking or chips!

Now don’t get crazy, and try Cardi-B-esque stiletto acrylic nails with a Louboutin finish, for the first time, unless you’ve been dreaming of these your whole life.

TIP- Wear Sunscreen on your hands, as they do use UV to cure the gel. Or if you want more natural just as for the manicure, buff only no nailpoilish or clear/natural.

I promise, it will simply polish your photos in a way you can’t anticipate [ unless professional lets you know 😉]

To Tan or Not to Tan!

Well, I believe in being yourself, being in your authentic moment; to get the best moments, so I think you should just be you.

However if you’ve been feeling a little like being inside has gotten your color down, then I highly recommend a personal air brush spray tan. Now, this isn’t the stand up one, this is the person who sprays ya with the airbrush. Huge difference. The at-home self application tan works also.

However I HIGHLY suggest you try before at least a month before, to make sure your skin reacts well to the color and doesn’t turn orange.

Also post-at-home application ( mitt suggested ) to avoid streaks massage in with a lotion, non oil based as that blocks the tanning solution from sticking, and simply you’ll just wash it all off.

Scrub every inch of your body before, use lotion ( non- oil ) after the shower, put EXTRA lotion on your elbows, ankles, feet and hands to avoid the natural extra absorption at these areas, leave it on 8-10h to develop fully, and don’t forget your face(do this last)!

You should get a spray tan 2 days out from your session ideally. If you get a streak or clump of color sugar + lemon scrub scrub scrub. Buuut if you have scrubbed before, lotion up you should be good! • Tip• Push a little into your hairline(not your part) to avoid stark lines on your face and top with an oil free moisturiser.

Last but not least. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE

Drink a little more water than usual, 64oz/day is standard. You’ll glow and feel more relaxed + ready for your close up!

Hope these tips and tricks were super helpful! I’m happy to help anytime you have questions about prepping for your session!

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