Get the Look – TIPS + TRICKS for your best Photos

Try these tips + tricks to set your home up for the best photos

Have you ever wondered how the luxury photographers catch SUCH gorgeous light, well I’m here to tell you its filtered light.

Natural Light from your windows can look this good ! Whether a couples boudoir | family | newborn or getting ready for your Wedding

    Get that Soft Light Look at any home

    Sheers! NOT BLACK OUT!!!! Its important to still let light in, so go for a white sheer in cotton like these:

    click any photo for link to product

    With these you can temporarily put up white sheers to create that luxe look any at home.

    Heres some easy to put holders to help make that happen

    Removable CURTAIN Holders by command will come off right after the session without leaving a mark.

    Dont forget to wipe the wall with rubbing alcohol first!!

    These work best with a light curtain rod like this one

    All this said, the main important things to do, are pick up as you go on the day.

    TIP: hide all necessary but not in use items in drawers and cupboards to create the best backdrop for success.

    Hang all clothing to be used like Jackets, pants, dresses, veils, etc

    + Use a cord organiser to hide any outlets for the best backdrops or tuck any un-used cords clocks charging stands in a drawer or your honeymoon bag

    like this one if you’re in the US

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